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Our Clatuu Alpha is the ultimate solution for permanently removing stubborn pockets of fat from the body using the latest in cryolipolysis (fat freezing) technology.  Yes, fat-freezing is a thing!  The technology has been around for a while but it has improved in leaps and bounds in recent times and our Clatuu Alpha is the gold standard of cryolipolysis technology, scientifically proven to permanently remove up to 30% of fat cells with each treatment.

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that allows us to target and reduce stubborn pockets of fat, which you may be struggling to remove with traditional methods like diet and exercise.  Most people will only need one 40 minute treatment to see a noticeable difference.

How does it work?

Using controlled 360-degree cooling technology the Clatuu Alpha cools fat cells in the treatment area to -9° C without damaging any of the surrounding tissue or skin. At this temperature the fat cells are crystallised and destroyed. Over the next 6-12 weeks these dead fat cells are eliminated naturally from the body via the lymphatic system. It’s a non-invasive, safe and effective treatment which can done in your lunch hour, and allows you to resume normal activities immediately.

What happens during a Clatuu Alpha treatment?

  • The area to be treated is marked out in preparation for applying the cooling cup(s).

  • Once you are comfortably settled on the treatment bed, a Clatuu matrix gel pad is applied to the treatment area to ensure complete protection for the surface of your skin.

  • The Clatuu handpiece(s) is placed on the target area and suction is applied to draw the treatment area up into the cooling cup.

  • The treatment area within the cooling cup is then cooled to -9° C for around 40-50 minutes. During the first few minutes you might feel slightly uncomfortable but this quickly disappears as the treatment area becomes numb. At this point you can relax and read a book, work on your laptop or watch Netflix on our TV..

  • Once your treatment time is up,  the cooling cup is removed and the area is massaged for a few minutes.

  • Warm towels are then applied to bring the treatment area back up to body temperature.

Are there any side effects?

You may experience bruising in the treatment area. Other common side effects are numbness, tingling, redness, swelling and tenderness however these are all quite normal and should resolve themselves quickly. You may feel tender in the treatment area for a couple of weeks afterwards but there is no downtime, and you are free to resume normal activities immediately after your treatment.

How is the Clatuu Alpha different from other cryolipolysis technology?

The Clatuu Alpha is the latest in cryolipolysis technology and uses an advanced 360-degree controlled cooling system which delivers cooling to the entire cup, cooling the treatment area more rapidly and removing fat cells more effectively than the more traditional two-sided cooling cups..

In addition, the Claatu Alpha has dual handpiece technology allowing for more than one part of the body to be treated at the same time, reducing treatment time and costs.

Is a Clatuu Alpha treatment permanent?

Once you have achieved your fat reduction goal (remember it isn’t possible or desirable to remove 100% of fat cells) the results are permanent, provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle appropriate for weight maintenance.

Is a Claatu Alpha treatment right for me?

Clatuu Alpha treatments are perfect for anyone who wants a safe, non-invasive and effective treatment to remove stubborn pockets of fat which are resistant to diet and exercise.  It is not a weight loss treatment, however clients find it can give them the motivation to begin or continue their weight loss journey.


What preparation is required for a Clatuu Alpha treatment?

  • We will need you to stop taking any medications that affect blood circulation (i.e. blood thinner or anti-coagulants) 2 days prior to your treatment. 
  • It’s advisable to refrain from alcohol for 24 hours prior to your treatment. 
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing on the day and feel free to bring a book or laptop to pass the time. 
  • To optimise your treatment, follow a healthy lifestyle both before and after your treatment. Eat a balanced diet and take some light exercise on a daily basis. Continue this at least 6 weeks post-treatment to achieve the best results. 

What areas can you treat?

Double chin, upper arms, bra line, axilla, love handles, flanks, upper and lower abdomen, below buttocks (banana roll), inner and outer thighs, knees.

When is a Clatuu Alpha treatment not appropriate?

If you are generally underweight or highly overweight. It is not a recommended treatment for weight loss however many clients find it motivates them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

How soon will I see results?

You may be able to see a visible reduction in the treated area as early as 3 weeks after your treatment, but full results will be evident in 6-12 weeks

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the thickness of the subcutaneous fat and the size of the treatment area. Often one treatment is enough, but some people may need a repeat treatment(s) at 90-day intervals.

Is the treatment uncomfortable?

You may feel a little discomfort when the suction and cooling are applied but after a couple of minutes the treatment area goes numb and you can relax. Many clients find the treatment completely comfortable and even manage a nap. 

What happens if I gain weight afterwards?

A Clatuu Alpha treatment will permanently destroy fat cells.  However, if you gain weight, the remaining fat cells will expand to take their place. That’s why it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle post-treatment for optimum results.


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Which treatments are right for me?

We offer a complementary, no-obligation consultation so you can get to know us and we can discuss your concerns and what you’d like to achieve.  Often there is more than one way to tackle a problem area and together we will customise a treatment plan that suits you and your goals. 


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