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Areas of Concern

Do you have areas of your body that you’ve fallen out of love with and wish you could do something about?
Using our state of the art technology, we offer safe and effective solutions to give you back your body confidence.


Lift, firm, tighten and contour targeted areas on your face and body, using our advanced, medical-grade technology.

Non-invasive and non-surgical face and body contouring treatments  which require no downtime afterwards.

Safe and effective treatments which can be done in your lunch break.

Stubborn pockets of fat

Do you have stubborn pockets of fat that you find hard to shift no matter how healthy your lifestyle is?  We have safe and effective options to eliminate stubborn fat permanently without having to resort to surgery.  

Using either cryolipolysis, high intensity micro-focused ultrasound or a combination of both, we can remove fat cells permanently..

Book a free consultation and we can discuss which treatment option is best for you and your body goals.


Cellulite affects 90% of women at some stage in their lives.  It’s more common in woman because of the way their fat is distributed on the body - typically in the thighs, hips and buttocks, the most common areas for cellulite.  

Whilst we can’t remove cellulite altogether, we can improve the appearance of it using our world-leading HIFU technology.


With age our skin begins to thin and our precious supplies of collagen and elastin diminish causing fine lines and wrinkles.  From age 25 onwards we lose 2% of our collagen and elastin supply per year.

We can help turn back time using our world leading medical-grade HIFU technology which forces the collagen to renew, lifting,  firming and plumping your skin to give you back a youthful glow without the need for invasive procedures like surgery or needles. 

Loose skin

If you’re concerned about loose or sagging skin on your face or body, we can offer a solution that doesn’t require needles or going under the knife.  Our non-surgical HIFU treatment will tighten up loose skin caused by aging, genetics, pregnancy and weight gain, giving you back your body confidence.

Muscle Tone / Strength

Are you struggling to find the time you need to build a strong, toned body? Perhaps you find it difficult to achieve good muscle definition? Or maybe you’re recovering from an injury and can’t work out enough to maintain your muscle strength?

That’s where our TESLAFormer is a game-changer. Using Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) technology the TESLAFormer can activate the targeted muscles in a way that traditional workouts can’t match, increasing muscle strength, tone and definition. And it’s all done while you relax.

Weak Pelvic Floor 

Do you accidentally leak urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise?  Do you find yourself racing to the loo often and with little warning?  Do you accidentally pass wind or lose control of your bowel or bladder?

 You’re not alone – it’s more common than you may think, it’s just that we don’t talk about it.  Childbirth, pregnancy, menopause, constipation, treatment for prostate cancer can all cause the pelvic floor muscles to become weakened and compromised and this can be distressing for a lot of people.  But we have a solution!

Welcome to the TESLA Chair, a potentially life-changing device that uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) technology to strengthen the pelvic floor and lower back muscles in a way that traditional exercises struggle to do, giving you back control and confidence.

Double chin

Reducing that stubborn double chin and defining your jawline can be difficult if you want to avoid invasive, surgical options.

Using either our leading edge cryolipolysis or HIFU technology, we can permanently eliminate a double chin giving you back a nicely defined jawline without the need for surgery.  


Look and feel your best

Which treatments are right for me?

Everyone’s body is different so there is no ‘one size fits all’ at the Refinery Room. That’s why we offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation so you can get to know us, and we can discuss your concerns and what you’d like to achieve. There is often more than one way to tackle a problem area so we will work together to personalise a treatment plan that suits you and your body.


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